Structured Internet Research

Auf der „Wissenswerte“ in Darmstadt habe ich am 4. Dezember 2017 auch während eines Vortrags von Albrecht Ude fotografiert und interessiert zugehört:

Albrecht Ude is one of the workshop trainers of #M100YEJ and helps 25 young journalists from all over Europe to gain first-hand experience of an investigative journalism and online investigations.#M100SC #OrangeInterview

5 tips for Structured Internet Research by Albrecht Ude:

– Online Research Means to Find, Save and Analyze Files from the Internet. Be critical when you view, read or analyze the files, look for metadata (or hidden data).

– Use different tools for your online research, such as browsers, addons and programs.

– Use more than one Universal Search Engines. Be informed, how search engines get their data, how they index them and how they rank results.

– Don’t forget about the verification – check, what you found! Always use Whois-Databases to check owner and date of a website.

– Use Wikipedia, but not like a source. Wikipedia may lead you to other sources, articles and links.

Albrecht Ude hat auch diese intersseante Seite vorgestellt: ImgOps – image operations meta-tool